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Making a media project is not just making art it is creating and running a business enterprise; and you should approach the business side of your project with the same diligence and attention to detail.

With many projects working on a very tight budget there is the obvious temptation to not hire a lawyer and DIY the legal work, using forms off the internet. True using such forms could initially save you some money but unless you understand these forms and can tailor them to the particular circumstances of your projects, these contracts will at best probably not resolve all the issues you need them to and at worse create the potential for some very damaging results in the future.

It is best to understand the business goals so you know what legal steps to take. Early consultation as to what your business and creative goals are can help you not only focus your efforts going forward but also avoid future pitfalls that may occur. Recognition of these potential pitfalls will help you be more careful to avoid them and limit your damages if such events do occur. Without such pre-planning, some artists have come to me with bad contracts that have left them almost no better off than if they had not done their project.

We understand the goals of creative endeavors and that the necessary legal safeguards must protect that vision without stifling it. Having had hands on experience in the creative process, we can tailor the legal and business solutions for your transaction to take care of these twin needs.