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Practice Areas

We Practice in the following areas:

  • Theatrical Productions
  • Movies
  • Television
  • Internet
  • Record Contracts
  • Artist Representation
  • Endorsement Deals
  • New media

Our services include:

Rights and Permissions: Literary Rights Acquisition and Options, Life Story Rights, Writer Agreements, Copyright Assignments and Licensing, Idea Submission and Releases, Music Rights Acquisitions, Footage Rights Acquisitions, Copyright and Trademark Registrations and Protection, Model Releases, Location Releases and Permits, Copyright Releases, Product Placement, and Publicity Rights.

Personel Agreements:Producer Agreements, Writer Agreements, Management Agreements, Director Agreements, Endorsement Agreements

Production:Program Independent Contractor and Employment Agreements for Cast, Crew and employees

Program Distribution and Licensing:Program Licensing and Distribution Agreements for Cable, Network, Home Video, Satellite, Broadband, Syndication, Public Television. Producer’s Representation, Cross-Promotion and Licensing, Ancillary Marketing and Licensing, Distributor Agreements and Sub-distributor Agreements.

Business Ventures: Company Formation (LLC, Corporation, and Partnership), Development Agreements, Co-production Agreements, Loan-out Agreements, Joint Authorship Agreements.Consulting Agreements